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Friday, March 25, 2005

Uneventful day, not much going on. Cold out as usual. I'm drinking tea. I've laid off coffee these past couple of weeks. I was getting chest pains, seriously. And I was too on edge. Switched to tea and I'm all good. Aside from the occasional White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, I like those.

Hmmm, what does that say about me that White Chocolate Mocha is my favorite Starbucks flavor? ;-)

Right now, I'm laying out this last comic book page and trying to get it right. Sometimes I have to go through several versions of a page before I like it, which is why it takes me so long to do a project. Once I get the layout right, finishing the page doesn't take that long, especially when it's a painted project, like this one.

Speaking of which, I might have sold a painting. It will be my first sale as a fine artist.

Oh! And somebody bought an art book off of Cafepress and you can too! Check out: www.cafepress.com/alanoldham, find something you like, buy it, and make me happy.

Still haven't finished this track. Maybe early next week I'll just finish the damn thing.

Going to see Sven Vath tonight.

And that's my big Friday =P

-AO :: 6:29 PM ::


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