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Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Friday. When people say to you "Happy Friday!" or "TGIF," it doesn't mean the same thing to me, 'cause I don't have a 9-to-5 job. I just kind of smile. It's like that "Seinfeld" where George says, "Jerry, you know how office politics are!" To which a deadpan Jerry replies: "Never had a job."

We went out to Tsuki last night, this super-cool club/bar/sushi place on Fullerton. My friend Steve DJs there every Thursday now. It's our new hangout now because it's free sushi 'cause we're with the DJ. ;-) We still have to pay for drinks, though. I was taking advantage of the $5 martini special. Shaken, not stirred (Sean Connery voice) with extra olives, please.

Re: Shake. Someone reading this e-mailed and told me that he'll be at Sonotheque here in Chicago, not Darkroom. Titonton's playing, too. Good to see somebody giving some dap to the black talent.

I've been on this Curve kick lately, going back and listening to all their CDs. I've loved them since they first came out in '91. Their stuff is so suited for film, especially the dark, stylish vampire movies like "Underworld" or "Blade," but nobody ever uses their tracks. On their website there's a letter from the lead singer, Toni Halliday, saying she's leaving the band and Curve has broken up. But, shit, I thought they broke up after "Cuckoo" in 1993. I also found out there's a whole album that I never knew came out, "The New Adventures of Curve." I'm too busy to pay attention.

Interpol's tonight, but tickets were tooooooooo expensive. Especially since I was disappointed in the new album. Carlos D is at Smartbar tonight, though, DJing, maybe we'll go see him. I'm on the guest-list there ;-)

-AO :: 5:36 PM ::


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