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Grey Saturday.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

So I watched "La Dolce Vida" last night. It was cool that it was Rome in the '60s, the cars, fashions, and Marcello Mastroianni was super-cool, the women were beautiful, and it was in gorgeous black and white, but the flick just went on and on and on. It never ended. I looked on the box and it was 174 minutes. Damn! I finally got to the end and it felt like an endurance test.

It wasn't a straight narrative, but several vignettes strung together. Very existential, nothing is ever resolved, story-wise. My favorite was the first part with Anita Ekberg as this Jayne Mansfield-style American actress in Rome. Marcello tries and fails to have an affair with her. Man, she was a lot of woman. Today she'd be considered plus-size.

There were also a lot of black people in the movie. I wish I could have lived in Rome in the '60s. Or Paris, like "Breathless" (It's time to rent that movie again). Just get in a time machine and vanish. Fuck 2005.

Not much going on today. Me and Giaxia (www.giaxia.com) went to Starbuck's for mochas and to Barnes & Noble to get ideas. Now, it's more art and music. It's dreary out there. I was invited out tonight but I'm just gonna stay in and work.

I want to release a compilation of all my lowtempo/mood music tracks (most unreleased) on CD, but who would buy it? Nobody buys CDs. It would have a booklet in there with some art works, and tied in with the gallery showings. Maybe I'll do all the notes in French, it's the best market anyway.

I don't go out to spin again until April. I've got a few open dates in Europe in April and May, so if you're reading this and know of any parties I can rock, let me know.

-AO :: 9:41 PM ::


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