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Indie Bands With Black People In Them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Listening to TV On The Radio right now. Any indie band with black people in it, I'm down with. There's also a band called The Dears where the black lead singer sounds just like Morrissey. Talk about a soul man. I couldn't believe it when I first heard it. There's also Bloc Party from the UK. I read about them in NME, but haven't actually heard their music yet.

It was a gorgeous day here in Chicago, almost 70 degrees! I can't help but think a new snowstorm is right around the corner, though. It's happened before.

Not a whole lot going on at the homestead, though. Started working out today in anticipation of getting back out there to rock some shows. Looking forward to Tresor and La Real, especially. I've got some new white labels from Mr. Sims and Mr. Ho that I haven't played out yet. I actually played out last month, but it seems like forever.

Also finished that last comic book page day before yesterday. I'm looking for a backer to help me put this book out. Since it's a black female super-hero, I'm sure the traditional comic book publishers won't want to put it out. And I definitely want to get it in bookstores; the real publishing world, not the techno world at all. I learned my lesson with "Orietta." Techno people don't "get" comics.

If you know somebody I can pitch "Vectra" to as a project, let me know. Hey, it's worth a try.

I was asked about being in this DVD project produced by the Electric Avenue guys in Detroit. They want to film all the sets at their parties during festival weekend and maybe do interviews of the artists. Good idea, but I spent the entire '90s chasing press and publicity and getting my face out there. I'm kind of over that now.

Then again, never say never, right?

-AO :: 7:15 PM ::


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