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Playing Out/Gallery Pics.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It was a beautiful day today in Chicago. Warm and nice for a change. I can only hope it lasts for awhile.

I finished that last page of "Vectra: Zero" last night. Lettering and online posting as soon as Miss Giaxia has time. I'm looking for a backer to help me publish "Vectra" # 1. Since it's a black female character, I don't expect any traditional comic publishers to want to put it out. And I definitely want to release it in the real comic book world where it can be sold in bookstores, not the techno world. I learned my lesson with "Orietta." Techno people don't "get" comics at all.

Started working out today in anticipation of playing out again. I've been off for a long time, it'll be cool to rock a show again, especially at Tresor and La Real. I've got a bunch of white labels I haven't played out yet.

I actually played out just last month but it seems like forever.

Cisco, if you're reading this, send me more G-Flame records!

The gallery show at the Open Door comes down tomorrow. What a great experience. I hope to do another show soon with new pieces. I'm talking to a guy right now about it. Here's a pic for those of you who missed it. By the way, "Vectra" is the piece in the middle (girl with the 'fro) and the five pages along the bottom are her preview comic I've been talking about. "Vectra" was the most popular piece in the show.

-AO :: 2:49 AM ::


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