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"Total Recall."

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Well, we didn't go out last night. Stayed in and watched "Total Recall" on DVD instead, a Schwarzenegger classic. The director, Paul Verhoven, also did "Starship Troopers." It came to me that "Total Recall" and "Starship Troopers" could both be in the same universe. In "Total Recall," Mars was a Federal Colony. In "Starship Troopers," the troops were Federal. In both films, their uniforms were very similar, black and grey. "Total Recall" is in the past, during the earlier days of space colonization, and "Troopers" is further into the future, after disastrous first contact with the Arachnids.

A lot of people didn't get "Starship Troopers," but I actually liked it. It was very unique in a lot of ways. I wish they'd done a sequel.

(Come to think of it, "Robocop," also directed by Verhoven, could also be in the timeline. The lawlessness of Robocop's era could be the precursor to the fascist state of "Starship Troopers.")

Something else interesting; in the commentary for "Total Recall," Verhoven says that the plotline for the never-made "Total Recall 2," in which the clairvoyant mutants can see the future and Schwarzenegger uses them to see crimes before they're committed, eventually became "Minority Report." Both movies are based on concepts by Phillip K. Dick (Blade Runner).

I was watching the news the other day and it said that my hometown of Detroit was the number two most depressed city in the nation. Philadelphia was number one, which is wild, because Philly doesn't seem so depressing to me. I always had good times there. Maybe the locals know something I don't. Anyway, they went by sales of anti-depressants and local suicide rates to draw their conclusions. Fill in your own Detroit punchline here___________________________________________________.

Pics from my gallery show are up now at www.technotourist.org if you haven't seen them. Thanks to Marie and KJ for the support.

-AO :: 10:50 AM ::


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