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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The Further International Adventures of DJ T-1000.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Home now from Europe. Let me tell you about my last day there.

Spent Tuesday scouting out possible galleries to have shows in, both in Kreuzberg. There's also one in Mitte that specializes in Pop and outsider art as well. I found that one on the Internet.

I also had a long lunch with Stewart Walker. I really have a soft spot for that young man, don't ask me why.

Went to Tresor to get all the new records. Saw Max who I hadn't seen in three years.

After that, I had crashed out for a nap.

Woke up and went downstairs to the bar for a drink, only to find this crew holding court: Regis, James Ruskin, Oliver Ho, Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, Alexander Kowalski, Alan Somerville (Kinetic AM), Carola and Vera from Tresor! All star line-up. It was like midnight and the guys were playing at 1 am. My flight was at 6:35 am, so I decided to go hardcore, take my luggage to the club and leave direct to the airport from there!

Regis and Ruskin did this double-team DJ set under the name O/V/R. Both had titanium laptops running Ableton Live with outboard effects, plus decks. Really slow and funky, a lot of old stuff like "Voodoo Ray," "Salsa Life," all kinds of shit. Party music. Crowd going crazy on a Tuesday night! Only at Tresor. I'd say about 250 upstairs where they were, including DJ Pete from Hardwax, Pacou, Henk from Sender Berlin, and on and on.

I met Regis' German girlfriend, Claudia. They look like a high-fashion, brother-sister couple.

Got to hang out with Oliver Ho. That's twice this year I've seen him. Really cool guy, very supportive of me. He congratulated me on my gallery opening. He's so tiny, his clothes really look good on him. He's got a style like Jeff's. DJing in button-down shirts and slacks. He's gone Ableton, too. That's it, I'm definitely going digital.

Drank a lot of vodka and orange juices. Trying to keep my cold in check and getting drunk at the same time.

There was this tall black girl there dancing and she looked just like Vectra (my new comic character)!!! Only her boobs weren't big enough.

I couldn't help but look at the crowd this last time and feel sadness. Tresor--the club and the label--was my home in Berlin for so long. I was a veteran of the Love Parade weekend madness for many years in a row. I knew a lot of the bartenders and security. Even the Berlin kids knew me when I wasn't playing, and they'd come up to say hi. This one girl last night actually came up to me and said, "God bless you. Thank you for your set Friday night. I believe in you. I believe in techno."

Only at Tresor would this happen.

After many goodbyes, straight to the airport I went in the middle of the night. Berlin to Amsterdam to Chicago, baby.

Now I'm back at home base getting ready to take a nice, long bath.

I play for DJ ESP himself, Woody McBride, day after tomorrow.

-AO :: 2:47 PM ::


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