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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Rocked Vision last night. Great show. I had fun. I opened for Adam Beyer, whom I hadn't seen since DEMF 2002, where he was hanging out with Marco Carola. Either I'm getting shorter, or he's getting taller. The people were into me. Cheering, the whole bit. They were great. I shifted into a few Detroit classics at the end of my set. I hadn't played those records out in years. "The Worlds" by Suburban Knight. "The Sound (Power Remix)" by Kevin Saunderson. Red Planet 6, and a few others.

All these "underground" techno snobs here in Chicago always have something bad to say about Vision, but I like to play to an actual crowd, thank you. "Crowd" meaning more than 20 people I don't know already. And actual females of all different races (especially black!) who are attractive. That's always nice. And people who dance. You know, move their feet and shake their asses. And people who dress nice, not looking like they just robbed a liquor store.

You know it's bad in America when you have to define "crowd" in such a way.

Thanks to Lucas at Godskitchen for booking me. He's been looking out for me since I moved here and I appreciate it.

-AO :: 3:26 PM ::


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