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Sin City.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Finally saw "Sin City" last night. Part of me thought that it was interesting and inventive, the film-noir flipside to the sci-fi of "Sky Captain." Another part of me, though, sees it as an example of why comics are never literally translated panel-by-panel for the big screen. As a veteran reader of the "Sin City" comics (I've got all the issues upon which the movie was based), I'm familiar with the material. Some of the dialogue, while it reads well on the comics page, doesn't exactly sound good when read out loud. There were a few clunkers here and there in the line readings.

Gotta love the respect paid to the source material, though.

Overall, well worth full price at the theater, and definitely a candidate for DVD purchase.

Well, it's Monday, so the work week begins. My recent trip to Europe has got me all re-energized. I'm working on tracks today. House-style stuff under a whole new pseudonym.

Adeline, I'm taking photos today/tomorrow, too, don't worry!

-AO :: 9:23 AM ::


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