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Happy Birthday To Me.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Yeah, today's my b-day. So much has been happening, though, that I really haven't felt it. It's like just another day. Had a drink at Tsuki last night (hot sake!), but was so tired I came home early and went to bed. Giaxia might take me to sushi dinner tonight, for my b-day, we shall see. I also have "Closer" here at the house on DVD, but I've been too busy to watch it.

I've been listening to Deftones' "White Pony" again lately. That's a bad-ass album. I think it's the best they ever did, that I've heard at least.

Now that I think of it, wasn't there a horror movie years ago called "Happy Birthday To Me?"

-AO :: 4:09 PM ::


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