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Work Work Work.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Quote of the day: "Just because I have superficial values doesn't mean I'm not deep." -- Toni Childs, "Girlfriends"

I got an e-mail yesterday from Saskia, out of the blue. She wants more label art for Djax, and in a hurry. 15 new labels. That's a lot of artwork.

I'm recording a new EP (hopefully) for Monoid. I've got this hot track done, but can't lay it down right now (see below).

This smaller French label wants to hear some music, too, but at the moment, I'm only working with labels that can get me booked as well (Monoid runs a night in Munich).

I also recorded an electro track with vocals. My friend Miles did the vocal tracking on his laptop. I asked Ultradyne (my favorite electro band from Detroit) and Keith Tucker to do remixes. Both said yes. I haven't recorded the parts yet. I'm thinking of just giving them the track itself and an acapella and seeing what they do with it. There are breaks in the track that they can sample from.

Seems like I'm cooler with Detroit people now that I don't actually live there. Or maybe electro people are cooler than techno people.

I play with Ultradyne this weekend, so I'll give them the CD in person. Watch them lose it or something.

Gayle San's people have been slow as molasses over my EP for them. I haven't gotten a contract yet. But they've got like three releases before mine, plus her new mix CD, so...

My DAT's still fucking up. It's slowing me down, man. I hate delays when I'm on a roll. Going to buy a headcleaner today. Maybe that'll help. It better. I have to call Guitar Center and see if they have them. Soon as I get paid, I'm getting an interface and record straight into my HD. I'm sick of all these moving parts and shit. Moving parts break.

Speaking of getting paid, this guy in Richmond, VA cancelled the show I was supposed to be playing (see left). Since he's Bryan Zentz's boy, I didn't charge him a deposit. Fucker caught me slippin'. No more Mr. Nice Guy. 50% upfront, no exceptions.

On a related note, my ticket to Berlin came the other day. I'll be moving there in the fall. Getting a flat, the whole bit. Got three parties in Europe lined up already, with more once I get there. I'm excited. I can't wait to get out of America, you have no idea. Now that I think about it, I should have moved there straight from Detroit, instead of to Chicago.


-AO :: 11:49 AM ::


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