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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The Adventures of DJ T-1000: A New Hope.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Well, Providence, RI was great. Just when you start to lose faith in America, a gig like this happens to show there is hope. This was the best party I played in the USA so far in 2005, bar none.

Well, let's start by saying accommodations were top-notch. Took a swim, got some dinner at this cool restaurant, and watched "Collateral" on HBO. You can't get better than Michael Mann. And since I stayed at a Marriott, I got miles ;-)

On to the party itself. It was a club in a rough part of Providence, but it had that old-school warehouse vibe to it. The party was called "Red," and there was a discount at the door if you were dressed in red, so the whole crowd was in red. Yes, I said CROWD. They did about 600-700 people. It was a nice racial mix, as well as many scantily-clad women!

The dancefloor was packed the whole time. People were DANCING. Maybe you didn't hear me, I said they were DANCING. For those of you reading this from Europe, dancing at parties is rare in the USA.

The promoter told me he hadn't seen me play since Whistle 3, back in 2000. He said he wanted me to play hard again like the old days.

I gotta say that's the hardest I rocked it in the States in years. Here in the USA, I usually have to compromise my sets in some way, but not this time. No housy shit, no trendy minimal shit, just straight-up hard (hard for me means funky, club-style hard, not noisy/schranz/gabber hard). And the kids were havin' it, eating it up. It was like the old, East Coast rave days all over again!

(Oh, and I should mention that the sound system was GREAT.)

I was told that the city used to come down hard on parties, but then the mayor got indicted on some corruption charges. The club started slipping the cops cash under the table, and it was party time again!

This was the fifth or sixth party this production crew had done. These guys were no joke, either; they had this van painted with their logo on it, the whole nine. Have you ever seen promo vans painted with a rapper and his new album on the side of it, driving through town? Well, theirs was in that same style. Very professional.

It all goes to prove that the smaller cities and more outlying areas are better. The audiences in big cities are too trendy, snobbish, jaded and needlessly political. Yeah, and add broke to the list.

So, had a great weekend, great city, great weather, had the full rock star treatment, even my cold is almost gone! I get to start my work week with a smile.

-AO :: 6:54 PM ::


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