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The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Casting Mania.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have some of the best casting ideas for movies and TV ever, but since I'm not a Hollywood player, I can't get my ideas into theatres. But I *can* list them here!

WONDER WOMAN - Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's the only choice. If you saw "Chicago," she's still got the shape and athletic ability. Plus she can open a flick. Plus she looks like a Greek goddess (the way WW is supposed to look). I saw on the cover of Wizard that they're looking at all these young chippies to be WW. Hey, Joss Whedon, it's Wonder WOMAN, not Wonder Girl. Enough with this teenage WB casting. And "Buffy" was overrated. =P

The brunette from "Mulholland Drive" would be a sweet WW, too, if you wanted to go the traditional, '40s route with the milk-skin, black hair and red lips.

SUPERMAN - Tom Welling should have just been upgraded to full Superman status for the feature film. I wouldn't have thought so back in 2001, when "Smallville" first started, but I do now. He's huge, man. Plus people know him from TV already. I've seen a shot of that kid Brandon Roush as Superman, and he's just not cuttin' it for me. Jerry O'Connell ("Crossing Jordan") would have been a bad ass Superman, also. I read that he was actually up for the role but lost it to this nobody.

And I hear Kevin Spacey is Lex Luthor? WTF? They done lost their minds.

MIAMI VICE - Josh Holloway (Sawyer on "Lost") and Morris Chestnut ("Two Can Play That Game," "Confidence," etc.) are the real Crockett and Tubbs for 2005. Put them both in one show and watch the chicks go crazy. Colin Farrell (stock is down since "Alexander") and Jamie Foxx (too goofy looking to be bad-ass Tubbs) look like a trainwreck. And I'd revive "Vice" for TV, not for the box office. I'm usually down with Michael Mann but he lost me on this one. We'll just have to wait and see.

FANTASTIC FOUR - My dream cast was: George Clooney (circa "Three Kings," "The Peacemaker") as Mr. Fantastic, Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer as Invisible Woman, Ryan Phillippe (circa "Cruel Intentions") or Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious") as the Human Torch, and Michael Madsen as the Thing before he changes. And Jude Law would have been Victor Von Doom in flashbacks (remember Reed and Doom went to college together). I can see that cast is a bit '90s, though, I'll give you that.

Don't get me started on my ideas for "Star Trek." Contrary to some people, it doesn't need a "reboot" or "reimagining," just good Star Trek stories that respect the Original Series. Period.

Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour," "After the Sunset") has been named director of "X3." I don't know if I like that news. As I predicted, though, Jackman and Halle are both back with bells on after the twin flops of "Van Helsing" and "Catwoman."

I think I'd better get back to this art job now (Djax-Up-Beats). I'm almost done. You should start seeing these labels in record shops by fall. Then I gotta get back in the music studio and actually finish some music!

-AO :: 10:45 PM ::


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