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Friday, June 03, 2005

Another beautiful morning. I'm sitting here drinking blueberry tea that my neighbor brought back from Colorado. Things are definitely looking up. I'm not even pissed anymore about this weekend's gigs being cancelled.

I'm four labels into this big, new art job for Djax, and I just got an order from Seventh Sign, Glasgow. We just did a deal where I illustrate for them exclusively for the UK for a year. As well as running the label, they also run a night at the Sub Club. I played for them last year.

Summer is also shaping up, gig-wise. Some new offers have come in. As soon as contracts are signed, I'll keep you posted of course. Who knows, I may be in your city soon. It may be your last chance to see me if you're in the USA, as I'm moving to Berlin this fall.

Been getting a LOT of good feedback from my Electric Avenue set last weekend. It's very gratifying. I should have recorded that set. It was a lot of fun to play.

We're still in talks to do this art show in France this fall. The organizer, Adeline (hi!), is living in Egypt at the moment. She goes back to Paris this month, though, so she can really get it rolling.

I know such cool people.

Next Thursday (June 9th), I'm at Smartbar here in Chicago for my postponed birthday party. Three-hour set. Steven Tang (www.emphasisrecordings.com) is the opener. $5 to get in. This will probably be my last Chicago appearance, so I hope to see you there!

-AO :: 12:10 PM ::


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