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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Miles came through with the vocal tracking for my new single! He processed my vocals on his laptop. Yes, it's got lyrics and vocals. It took him a month to do it, but the shit sounds incredible. It doesn't sound like anything I've ever recorded before, which is the goal.

Now, it's off to the remixers. You'll like who I've got lined up to remix this track, too. Both unlikely candidates to remix a DJ T-1000 track, but guys I've liked for a long time and wanted to work with on some level.

I've never talked about Miles Christian on here before, so let me pump him up now. He's the most talented, new-new-school local techno DJ in Chicago, bar none. He does it all, he makes bad-ass tracks (both house and schranz!) and his DJ show is the complete shit.

He had been bugging me since I moved here to hang out and come see him play and stuff, being a pest ;-) Then he had a date at Smartbar. I think it was February or early March, somewhere in there. I was like whatever, guest list, free drinks, nothing else better to do. I figured we'd have some martinis, stay for the first couple of minutes of his set to make it look good, then we'd break out.

Then he went on and started killin' it. I was shocked. This cat had two chicks freakin' on him as he played. He was drivin' those freaks crazy. There were like 15-20 people left, real diehards. They were climbing the walls. Of course, we ended up staying 'till the end. There are pics of me in the background, headbanging. I've seen everybody worth seeing, all over the world, so it takes a lot to keep my attention!

Then he gives me a CD.

His gabber stuff fits right in with the Lenny Dee/Rob Gee/Laurent Ho style, but then he does this slow, Gigolo-type industrial (with vocals!) and these metallic, Bangalter-type disco tracks, too. The cat does it all!

I've kinda taken him under my wing, giving him advice and stuff, as was done to me when Mike Banks took me in, years ago.

Hopefully, this kid will break wide soon, so get ready.

-AO :: 2:47 PM ::


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