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Not-So-Manic Monday.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Not much happening today. It was beautiful out there, I guess summer is actually here. I was lazy. I didn't do anything but do artwork for Djax and watch "Fat Actress."

"Fat Actress" is that Kirstie Alley show that premiered on Showtime, now on DVD. I saw the first four episodes. They were pretty good. The first one, where Kirstie tries to pick up black guys because she hears that they like big white women, was the funniest one. You can tell that they're big fans of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," another self-aware, cinema verite, Hollywood comedy that's filled with celebrity cameos. Kirstie Alley is no Larry David, though. You can tell they really play her size for laughs, because I've seen much fatter, less attractive women than Kirstie. But then again, they're not in Hollywood trying to act.

Verdict on "Fat Actress"? It was OK, but I can live without it.

My Entertainment Weekly subscription is running out. Since I'll be gone in a couple of months, I've decided not to renew it. It'll be painful. I love that magazine.

-AO :: 10:31 PM ::


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