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Random Thoughts.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Soundtrack for the day: Bowery Electric, "Bowery Electric" aka The Blue Album

The weather outside is great. I wish it were like this all year round. If I thought I could make a living out in California, I'd definitely consider moving out there where it's warm all the time.

Not much happening this week. Finished the Djax art job, now on to Seventh Sign. Shouldn't take long.

Just got hooked up with Cubase this week (thanks, Jimmy!). Been playing around with it. The VST plug-ins are sweet! I'm nowhere near making a track with it, though.

I've GOT to get back in the studio next week, after I knock out this last art job. I've got an EP to finish (Monoid), among other things. It's tough being a one-man show. You've got to put one thing down to finish the next.

Good news: "The Professional Volume One" EP will be out in September on Gayle San's label Equator, just in time for my move to Berlin. I can't wait to get there, man. A new beginning.

The "Taste of Chicago" starts this weekend! I want to head down there. I've never been to one since moving here.

I've been on a Larry David kick and been watching the first season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" again. I love that show. Larry David's a genius.

-AO :: 5:45 PM ::


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