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Boring Day.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Soundtracks of the day: Cocteau Twins "Garlands" and Daddy G "DJ Kicks"

A boring day here at Mission Control. Not too much happening. Was pretty outside, though. I finished a track I've been working on, that's about it (lowtempo). I'm doing a lowtempo vocal project, just gotta find the right female vocalist. There was a lot I could have been doing, there's always something to do, I just didn't feel like doing it.

Went to Barnes & Noble today to get ideas. Saw a new Basquiat book. I was excited at first, but the images in there I have already in other books. I'm getting the catalog from the exhibit out in L.A., anyway, and it costs half as much. I saw a new Taschen book on Richard Neutra that was cool, too. He's the famous West Coast architect. I heard there was a Taschen store in Paris. I'm gonna have to visit there in October.

Just got back from Tsuki. I like Tsuki because no scenesters go there. You can just relax. Steve was spinning, and $5 martinis. Between you and me, it's where the cute Asian girls hang out, if that's what you're into ;-). There were a bunch of them there tonight, it must have been a birthday.

I don't think I'll have any trouble sleeping after those drinks.

Oh, I saw "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" last weekend. I thought it was great. Great premise, cool action for the guys, relationship stuff for the ladies, Brad and Angelina at their best, the director of "The Bourne Identity," all the ingredients for a good summer flick. I thought it was better than "Batman," to be honest. A definite DVD purchase.

-AO :: 1:44 AM ::


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