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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

A Day In The Life.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Track of the Day: "Never Say Never" Romeo Void

Remember Romeo Void? I used to love them. Real true-life, '80s New Wave. I was in high school when that came out. Music used to be fun back then. You couldn't get away with a fat lead singer today.

It was such a nice day I walked to the bank, then to the post office, getting my cardiovascular. It's like a 30 minute walk between the two. Finally got Saskia's job out today via US mail. Her Fedex # was indeed cancelled. This is the first job I've ever done for her that didn't go out via Fedex.

Got a ton more art pieces to do, but haven't felt like doing them. I guess art is a cold weather thing, nothing better to do, but when it's nice out, you don't wanna sit down and do it. I need discipline, dammit. Either that or a paycheck, then I'll sit down and do it.

Tresor sent me a promo package today! It's the new Advent 3x12"! I'm sure I'll be bangin' it, you don't even have to listen to it to know it's good, it's fucking Cisco. They sent me another Juan Atkins "The Berlin Sessions" though, I already have that one. I want the "20 Years Metroplex" one instead.

Word's out on the Berlin thing. It was posted on several message boards globally. I can't wait to make the move, I'm sure you can tell. I haven't been this excited in ages. I've got a gig the night I arrive (see left)! America's pretty much washed up. Anybody who's anybody in this business has left or is leaving. I should have split ages ago.

Looking forward to this San Diego trip this weekend. Not only do I play out, there's the Comic-Con, then the Basquiat exhibit in L.A. A nice jetset, rock star weekend, like it used to be in the States.

Giaxia promises updates on puresonikrecords.net and alanoldham.com soon.

-AO :: 3:47 PM ::


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