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From The Digital Sweatshop
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Grand Opening, Grand Closing.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This NYC gig just got shot out from under me (see left). After I sent a contract, the promoter never got back to me, no e-mail, no call. Called him, too, no return call. Keep in mind it was April when I first got an e-mail from this guy. So I talked to a friend in New York and she said there's no flyers out, no nothing and it's a "safe bet it's a no-go." (her words)

This is exactly why I'm leaving the USA.

Then I went to Fedex to deliver Saskia's artwork using the same Fedex number I've used for 15 years, and they said it was "invalid." I drove all the way to Division to hear that shit. Needless to say they couldn't go by name or company name and get the correct number that way, that would have been too convienient. So I came home, and e-mailed Saskia about it. This time, I'm getting her to pick up the package from my house.

-AO :: 4:50 PM ::


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