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Saturday, July 23, 2005

CD of the day: "Around The Fur" by Deftones

It was a lazy summer day. Didn't do much. I could have drawn, but I'm not real motivated right now despite all the amazing art I saw last week. I guess I need clients, paydays and actual goals to motivate me. I wanna publish this comic series I've been working on, but I can't do that 'till next year some time.

Went out last night for martinis at Tsuki to unwind after a shitty week. My friend Paul just moved here from Detroit, so I invited him out. It was funny, we were just comparing the cost of living of the two cities. The one good thing about Detroit is that you can live like a king for not so much money. When I think of all the amenities I left behind, I almost want to move back. Then I think of the people...and the fact that there's nowhere like Tsuki to hang out at...and the fact you can take the train to both airports...and car insurance is cheaper here...and the fact that I'm moving on to Berlin...and...well...

By the way, my art debut in Paris is officially October 22nd at the Batofar. I'll be showing the three big pieces from the Open Door Gallery show, plus a new piece, hopefully. I'll be DJing also. Keep checking www.alanoldham.com for more info.

Oh, and I'm bidding on a new TASCAM CD recorder on eBay right now. Stick to what works.

I notice Jit (Suburban Knight) was in Chicago tonight at Smartbar. Techno on a weekend, the world must be ending. Let's hope he got more than 25 people.

-AO :: 4:32 AM ::


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