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Monday, August 08, 2005

Had a nice weekend in Detroit. The gig wasn't half bad considering it was Foran's. What a dump. The people who were there were into it, though, and even dancing (*gasp*). The system was decent, as well. I actually played a whole set in the USA with no problems, imagine that.

Billeebob opened for me, an old Detroit head from back in the day. He closed with the Bus Boys "Did You See Me" and I damn near died. I hadn't heard that record in 20 years! Such fun. I gotta dig my copy out, I've had it since 1980. If you really wanna know who the Bus Boys were, leave a comment and I'll explain. Nobody knows their music like black Detroit DJs.

Saw a few of my hardcore fans like Jimmy Stewart and Gary Elliott. I went to middle school with Gary and his parents live a few blocks from my grandmother. They seem to be there every time I go home to play. Jimmy's got a new girlfriend with a pretty face and some big-ass boobs. In fact, a lot of the women at the crib look like they've been drinking their milk, putting it tactfully.

Alex from Ultradyne was there, too. He's always at my Detroit shows. We're working on something together right now. It feels funny saying "Detroit shows" in the plural, seeing as I swore I'd never play there again. Never say never, I guess.

I played 100% techno, by the way. Didn't try to tone it down or anything. All new set, too, a bunch of stuff I never played out before. I guess they were so starved for real techno, they screamed and cheered for it.

Mark Flash closed. I thought he was all electro, but he played hard. I was surprised. It was kinda like DJ Funk only without the booty lyrics, that jack style with the clap and kick on the same measure, you know.

Next day, I did a little shopping (cheaper at the crib), had a decent Coney Island (which they don't have in Chicago), went and visited my mom, and came on back. I'm not doing much today, just making plans for 2006 and doing some writing (comics and this blog). On Mondays after I spin, I usually need a vacation from my vacation.

-AO :: 3:12 PM ::


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