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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I don't really talk about politics on this blog. Too many people can get offended when somebody of any stature takes unpopular positions, especially when they're black. I did that a lot in the '90s when it came to techno and dance music, and I know how heated people can be when you challenge their opinions.

But I just wanted to say that I'm 100% in support of Cindy Sheehan, the lady who started the anti-war vigil outside of President Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX.

Somebody on the Internet likened her sit-in to that of Rosa Parks. I'm naturally very leery when any white American is compared with our beloved civil rights leaders, or they hijack black rhetoric to justify white positions (like when Republicans use MLK's "color-blind society" quote to defend their anti-affirmative action polemics) but in this case, the comparison is well-founded. One lady has sparked a movement, it seems.

Between the high-visibility of Ms. Sheehan's efforts, the failure of the puppet Iraqi government to draft a constitution or to quell the insurgency (one man's insurgent is another man's freedom fighter), Karl Rove's legal woes, and gas prices at $3.00 a gallon and climbing (and Cheney's mafia in the Dept. of Energy--in essence--telling the American people to "get used to it"), it seems middle America is finally waking up to the true nature--and ultimate failure--of the Bush/Cheney agenda, and it's great to see.

(Of course, that agenda is only a failure if you aren't a shareholder or Board Member of Halliburton or related companies, Bell Helicopter or related companies, Carlyle Group or related companies, or any of America's energy corporations.)

Call me a cynic, but if things deteriorate any more for the Bush administration, expect to see either a) another video tape from Bin Laden (Uncle Sam knows where he is, by the way, and uses him as an all-purpose Boogieman), or b) another "terrorist" attack somewhere on U.S. soil, either of which will serve to validate the Bush agenda.

The Israelis seem to be smarter than the Americans and have seen the writing on the wall. Their pull-out from Gaza is a great victory for peace on both sides. You can bet there won't be any PLO or radical Islamic violence there for a good long while.

OK, I got the political thing out of my system, I won't talk about it anymore ;-)

-AO :: 4:28 PM ::


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