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Berlin Sights.

Monday, September 05, 2005

So I was on my balcony here, eating a bowl of cereal. It was a hot day and the balcony faces the sun, so sunbathing isn't uncommon here. The next-door neighbor came out onto his porch. He didn't see me there. His ass was showing. I just figured he was wearing a Speedo, you know, a male thong. He turned around and hello! Full frontal! Wow. You know how Sylvester the Cat would get an anvil dropped on his head and he'd shake it off? That was me. I quietly went in the house.

Truth be told, though, if I were hung like that guy, I'd wanna show it off, too. So much for the "white guys/small dicks" myth.

I was later told by my landlord that people from the former East Germany have no qualms about getting naked and it's quite normal for them.

Shit like that doesn't happen in America. =)

-AO :: 6:36 PM ::


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