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I'll Be Your Friend.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Went and saw Robert Owens and Adonis at Maria last night. 100% old-school Chicago. My friend got me on the guest-list. Pretty cool show, not too many people by Berlin standards, but you've gotta figure none of these younger kids even know who he is. It was laidback, though, not too crowded, not too much smoke.

Adonis opened. He played really slow, old-school style. His whole set was '80s. He broke out the "Theme From Midnight Express," I hadn't heard that played out since high school. The whole thing reminded me of the old Detroit parties at the "Y" downtown (where Ford Field stands today) or Cheeks out on 8 Mile and Schaefer.

After a shaky start (I was bored at first), Robert turned out pretty good. He sang all his Fingers Inc. hits with a live band: keyboards, bass, percussion, drummer, the works. He did "Tear Down The Walls," "I'll Be Your Friend," all the old tracks. Getting a live band seems to be the new craze. Westbam's on tour with a live band now. In fact he's playing tomorrow night, also at Maria.

I ran into Dan Bell and his girlfriend at the show. We had a nice talk, comparing notes and horror stories on the American scene. He's been living here off and on for five years or more. He was one of the first to move here full-time, actually. Hard to believe I've been knowing that guy for fifteen years, since the old Detroit days. He actually guest-hosted "Fast Forward" a couple of times. Too bad there's no tape on those shows.

I just dated the fuck out of myself with this post, didn't I? Oh, well, it's called character =)

Anyway, not much really happening today, just doing artwork on the balcony. Another beautiful day in Berlin Mitte.

PS: Speaking of old Detroit, as I was walking home last night along Chauseestr. it occurred to me: whatever happened to Derrick May? He did the fest that one year, and nothing. He just dropped off the map. I'm telling you, that Detroit fest is a soul-killer. Nobody recovers from that shit. One taste of putting it together and you're ready to move away.

-AO :: 8:55 AM ::


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