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Monday, September 12, 2005

Here I am at this Internet cafe in Mitte. It's cool and cloudy today. This is the Berlin I know best. All those nice days were very strange. I liked them, though.

Everytime I come here, there's a German pop group on VIVA that catches my eye, like Blackmail or Die Happy (honestly, I'm more a fan of the lead singer's huge boobs and sexy amazon body than their actual music). Now there's this band called Tokio Hotel.

They're these little fucking mini-rockers, they can't be more than 12-13 years old. They're in full rock star drag, the eyeliner, the spiked hair, the black nail polish, the guitars, the poses, the attitude, the whole bit. Imagine a mini-Good Charlotte. I couldn't believe it. The guitars are as big as they are. You just know there's a bunch of 40 year olds behind them really playing the music, but they're so damn cute to look at. Like how do these kids go to school? All the other kids are probably jealous as hell so a normal school is out. They probably have tutors. It's really funny to think about. And the joke of it is, I like the song! A nice pop/rock tune. I don't know the name 'cause it's in German. Something about a monsoon, 'cause in the video, they're getting rained on. It's on power rotation on VIVA and VIVAPLUS, this song.

-AO :: 8:54 AM ::


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