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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Runaround Day.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I took the train into Kreuzberg to meet with the Tresor people, particularly my agents, Michael and Vera. They're really looking after me with gigs. There's another one I may be up for, we'll see in the next few days. I'm hitting them with the new 12-inch demos after Popkomm.

Then my ubercool landlord made dinner (spaghetti) on the balcony and had a friend over. We were talking and he said that he had been in a pop band. I asked which band and he said Jeans Team. I knew that name, they were really hot back in 2001, that whole Electroclash wave with Peaches, Gonzales, etc. They were all on the same label, Kitty-Yo. They even had videos on VIVA-ZWEI (rip). He was amazed that I knew the band. I told him I see everything. He does video editing now, working on TV and Internet spots for one of the political parties here in Germany, the SPD. Really interesting guy. That's why I moved here, to meet interesting people outside of techno, and they're right here at the flat. Who knew?

Then I was picked up to go see the club I'll be playing next month, Kapital. It had been a boat party but the boat could hold only 100 people so they shifted it to a club (too bad, a boat party would have been nice if the weather holds up). Really nice place, a former bank, complete with VIP safe deposit room downstairs, like Tresor.

There was a reggae/dancehall party there tonight, the music was pretty cool, but I got the gist of it pretty quick so we split. Cute German women, though. They got some little thickies here. All that wienerschnitzel und sauerkraut und bier. Coke was a sponsor of the party and they were giving away free mix CDs at the door plus coupons for a free Coke.

I can't get over how nice it's been here in Berlin, I'm diggin' it.

Adeline's been going crazy getting ready for this art opening in Paris, she waits 'till I get here away from my main Mac to ask for a Pure Sonik logo for the flyer. Luckily, Giaxia sent her one from Chicago. Giaxia's just about tired of me. I bother her more from here than at home. Now she wants a Tresor one, I'm like Oh, my God. Tresor doesn't have anything to do with the art stuff! Just print the flyer already, lol.

I notice a trend, by the way, people booking me now want me to do original flyer art as well and expect me to just give it to them for free. Nope, guys, it's extra. Even for scans/downloads of existing work.

Not you, Adeline, but other people =)

-AO :: 5:08 PM ::


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