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Coked-Out Minimal Hipster Heroin Chic.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Me and Stewart Walker got on the list via Tim Price for the Minus night at Week12end last night. It's a club in Alexanderplatz that's on the 12th floor of an office building, offering a great view of Berlin while you're dancing. The line-up was Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle.

The DJ booth was fully armed as you'd expect, with dual Sony Vaio laptops running FS and Live (that I could see), and an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer. Sound was great.

Very posh hipster crowd, sprinkled liberally with six-foot tall model-looking babes. The barback was a dead ringer for Hawtin. The people watching was almost as fun as the party itself. Yes, I said fun. I had a blast.

First of all, those guys rocked the minimalism, okay? I'm the first one to say that the music is flat and overrated in less experienced hands (and believe me, I've heard some real snoozers), yet I'll also be the first to say that Magda and crew know how to play it. Especially Troy Pierce, whom I never heard before. I think I have a new favorite DJ.

Speaking of Magda, it was good to see her again. She was always one of the few people I actually liked back in Detroit, and she definitely took care of me with drink tickets last night! Troy was cool, too. We did a Jager shot together. He just offered, out of the blue. Like I said, cool guy.

It was also celebrity night, but I guess in Berlin, every night is celebrity night. Miss Yetti was there (whom I hadn't seen in four years!), DJ Pete from Hardwax, Stewart, of course, and this cat from Chicago named Billy Dellesandro. He's got some stuff out on Force Inc.

God, there had to be at least 350-400 people there on a Thursday night. It was out of control. Crowd was great. Put it this way, I left my flat at 11:30 pm, and didn't get home until 7:00 am.

On a weeknight.

I usually get all hot and smoked out and slip out of parties early, but I had such a good time meeting people, drinking and dancing I stayed till the bitter end.

Now it's time to go eat. Love from Berlin.

-AO :: 9:26 AM ::


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