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From The Digital Sweatshop
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I'm Over Tokio Hotel Now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yeah, man. Ever since Tokio Hotel won "Best Newcomer" at the Comet Awards (German equivalent to the MTV Awards), they've been playing "Durch Den Monsun" non-stop. The lead singer had a growth spurt and voice change since they made that video, too. He can't sing as high as on the record anymore. Time's running out. The pop world is a brutal mistress.

Speaking of pop, Ciara's "Oh" is in my head non-stop. MTV and VIVA brainwash people. I'm supposed to be a smart guy and see through it, and I'm just lapping it up.

Just getting over a cold and going out tomorrow. First to Poznan (my first-ever gig in Poland!), then back to Berlin for this gig at Kapital. It's gonna be a busy weekend. I like it like that.

-AO :: 11:04 AM ::


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