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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The New Adventures of DJ T-1000.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Last Friday was my first-ever gig in Poland. I took the train from here to Poznan, a pretty cool change of pace from airplanes. It took 2 1/2 hours or so, not long. First thing I noticed at the train station was that Polish women look hot. I've heard a lot of hype on Polish girls over the years, and it is indeed well-founded. They smile at you, too, and are flirtatious.

The club I played was called K2. Those people like it hard. Don't come with slow minimal techno, they'll laugh you off the stage. That crowd wore me out, man. I usually don't play that fast anymore, but I had to keep it at 140 and above all night. And the crowd was going crazy. It was that DJ Rush kinda crowd. After the set, I hung around, talked to people, took pictures, and signed posters. They had posters made with my pic on them and had them plastered all over the city. I got a write-up in the local paper, too, one more for the press kit. A really cool night, one that made me glad to have left America, where they treat you like shit, assuming more than 10 people show up.

I hope to return to Poznan one day soon.

The next night I played Berlin at Kapital. My set was off 'cause the guy before me played minimal. I didn't want to shock the crowd so I tried to keep his tempo, which was too slow for me. I gradually brought it up and up, but didn't want to play too hard. I should have just come in rockin' like I usually do. The crowd was a little weird. I couldn't pick up on what they wanted. I had my little fans upfront screaming, though, so I guess I did OK.

This one guy and his girlfriend came all the way from the UK to see me play. That was very cool. He e-mailed me a week later and told me he had been there. Too bad the party wasn't nicer for the guy.

I think I can't play Berlin without it being a Tresor event, like at Maria, where people know what to expect. When I played there last month, it was 600 people on a Wednesday night, quite unlike this party =). It was cool, though, I got a write-up in 030 Magazine out of it. It was nice to open it up and see me in there =)

So now I am taking the whole week to recover as I still have the lingering effects of a cold. I hate getting sick, it just hangs on and on and on.

PS: They used some of my artwork on the cover of the latest CODA magazine (FR). Out of all the hot pieces I did, they use the worst one. Plus I didn't get paid for it. Oh well, the timing's good because of my art show this Saturday in Paris.

Check it out at: www.codamag.com

-AO :: 10:19 AM ::


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