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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Went to the opening of Ralf Stucki's new club, Raumklang, last night (Raumklang means "Music Room"). Stucki used to work for Tresor. He was the "tour manager" back in '99 when I went on tour here in Germany with Stewart Walker. Me, Stewart, Dash and Tom Clark in a van, rocker-style.

The club is small, but nice. It's in Friedrichshain. The cream of the Berlin electronic hipster crowd was there, including a lot of the expatriates including Tosh Cooey. He's this Canadian guy who's friends with Hawtin. He moved over here like five years ago and hasn't looked back. The party was nice too, 'cause a lot of people knew who I was. As I'd walk by, they'd say "DJ T-1000!" The full name, too, not just "T-1000." Nice ego boost. It was especially cool because I get confused a lot with Carl Cox or DJ Bone =). But then again, I've lost a little weight since coming to Berlin, so who knows. I'm turning into a skinny little rock star hipster.

A Guy Called Gerald's brother, David, was there too, bringing the number of black people at the event to eight =). He sang on Gerald's "Essence" album on !K7!, and was flattered when I told him I remembered his track (I used to have a connect that got me all the !K7! CDs). Don't know where Gerald was, though. He lives in Berlin now, too.

Stewart was there too, and played live. He's switched to a laptop and Ableton Live, a la Surgeon. I asked him what happened to his old "no laptops" rule and he said he sold out. Ableton is the only program I'm interested in. I might stop by Stewart's at some point and have him teach it to me. I wanna make my next mix CD on it. He says it's easy, one week and you'll get it. His set was pretty good. Berlin minimal, you know the sound.

So, yeah, I had fun, it's Berlin, what can you say. I'm off now until 14 Oct. I don't like being down so much, but that's the business. Then when you're booked, 50 other promoters want that date. It's happened a lot since I've been here.

-AO :: 11:18 AM ::


  • Although I'm somewhat biased in this regard, I really would recommend trying out live5. It's a great piece of software, I think due in part to it's flexibility. I still miss the kinetic feel of vinyl underneath my fingertips (had to leave my 12's back in the states), but I also like the ability to make really unique combinations of music on the fly. Anyways, enough ranting... just check it out sometime. :)

    And not to be pedantic, but 'klang' actually means 'sound' or 'noise'. The German word for music is 'musik'.

    I look forward to seeing you on the 14th... I hope I can make it out for that show!

    By Blogger sqook, on Thursday, October 06, 2005 11:51:00 AM  

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