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Berlin, Berlin.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not much going on this week. Next gig isn't for awhile. A friend of mine is in from the States, so we've just been going around. Hit up Tresor @ Maria last Wednesday night for the Greg Shiff show. He's very good, as good as Stewart, who was there by the way. John Selway and Tony Rohr were there as well, so New York was in the house. Shiff was the star of the evening so he provided drink tickets. I like Greg, we talked politics.

Hit up a few galleries and museums here in Berlin as well. They're endless. There's an installation of minimal art at the Hamburger Bahnhof, walking distance from my flat. Much of the art was too minimal for me, though. I was scratching my head.

There was another room where they were setting up a new installation of modernists that wasn't open yet. I saw two Warhols and a Rauschenberg in there. Would a Basquiat be too much to hope for? That room looks more appealing. I'm planning to go to see the Helmut Newton exhibit, too. Thursday's the free admission day. I usually don't go for photography at all, but I love fashion, and that's all he shot.

I'm invited to an art opening day after tomorrow, so I'm hitting that. It's that gallery with the 5000 EUR window blind I told you about. Art's weird, but the space is nice. I made friends with the owner. I'm just the little man about town, huh? It's all about the free wine and cheese.

I was watching BR the other night and they had a live performance on there by Johnny "Guitar" Watson. It had to be from 1977-78, live in Bremen. I'd never seen actual footage on him before, just album covers. My mom was big into him back in the late 70s. She used to listen to his (8-track) tapes non-stop. He had a lot of hits, "A Real Mother For Ya," "Superman Lover," "My Love Is Your Love," "Ain't That A Bitch," on and on. That's that old-school pimp music for your ass, ya'll young'uns don't know shit about that =). It's a shame I have to come all the way over here to see a concert by him.

-AO :: 3:43 PM ::


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