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Bored and Rambling.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Went to Raumklang on Friday to see Tarrida and Cristian, a couple of cool guys. I expected their sets to be all weird and clonky like their records, but they were both actually pretty good. Tarrida played harder than I expected, Tresor bunker-style. Raumklang is more of a minimal/lounge-type place. Saw some familiar faces there as I knew I would, like Max and Carola from Tresor, Stewart Walker, Sender Berlin and Alexander Kowalski. And the club owner, of course, Ralf Stucki. It gets lonely here sometimes, and its nice to see friends.

The place was packed, too. Very nice crowd, all dancing, having fun. Miss Kittin played Maria the same night. It amazes me how there can be multiple events on one night here and everybody can get good crowds. I would have gone to see her, too, but I would've had to pay =)

A sour note, though. this guy at the club asked me in German if I had any drugs. I guess as the bald black man at a techno party, I either a) have drugs, b) are the bouncer, or c) am Carl Cox.

My gig on Saturday didn't materialize, so I was stuck in Berlin this weekend. Didn't do much but watch TV. They ran "Robocop" last night, dubbed in German, of course. That movie's a natural for a remake, I'm surprised nobody's talking about doing it. The whole evil corporate OCP angle is still relevant. And the satirical TV shows in "Robocop" have actually come true with reality TV. This time, they can actually shoot it in bombed-out ass Detroit, like Michael Bay did with "The Island." In fact, Bay is the *perfect* director for a remake.

LOL, I'm bored and rambling.

Yes, it's possible to be bored in Berlin =)

PS: It is actually past 8 pm here as I write this. The clock on the blog is still in US Central time.

-AO :: 1:11 PM ::


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