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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I've been catching up on these Interview magazines I've got stacked up here and there's this column where Sir Elton John picks hot new artists to watch. Lo and behold he bigs up Jamie Lidell's new album "Multiply." He's getting a lot of hype off this album. I haven't heard it yet. Jamie's really good-looking, too. With nice hair. And tall. Grrr. And super-cool on top of that. Really nice cat. And he can sing. We met him in Berlin back in 2001, back when he was doing the Super_collider thing with Vogel.

I'd hate him but he's so damn cool =)

Other than Jamie, Elton picks cheeseballs like Jamie (another Jamie!) Cullum. Only in 2005 would you have a young artist in his '20s who sounds like some boring old guy. If I wanted to hear Billy Joel, I'd go back and listen to his old records. And that damn James (another one!) Blunt, I'd rather poke my eyes out than hear that damn "You're Beautiful" track again.

Chuckle at the '80s all you want, but those artists were exciting, angry and different. No two bands from back then sounded alike. Duran Duran didn't sound like The Cure, who didn't sound like the Psychedelic Furs, who didn't sound like Heaven 17, who didn't sound like Blancmange, who didn't sound like Visage, who didn't sound like Gang of Four, who didn't sound like The Specials, who didn't sound like Depeche Mode.

I mean, shit, Vince Clarke was in Depeche, Yaz, AND Erasure, and none sounded like the other!

And none of them sounded like old artists from the past.

No wonder music is so boring today.

-AO :: 12:32 PM ::


  • It could be boring as you said but I really enjoyed music in many occasions here and there in Europe this year. Especially in Berlin in December. Since we've missed the date when you were in Rome hope there will be soon opportunity to see you soon in Italy (in Milan would be great!) Have a wonderful 2006 full of everithing you wish.

    By Blogger chalotto, on Friday, December 30, 2005 6:08:00 AM  

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