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Monday, January 09, 2006

Went and saw Dan Bell the other night at Tini Martini, the first time I went out since I've been back. It was a pretty good party for America. But then again, Dan's white and plays minimal and is friends with Richie, so woohoo, party time.

Dan was happy to see us. All smiles that we showed up. That was nice. I had just seen Dan a couple of months ago at Maria in Berlin for the Robert Owens show. Dan was sipping a Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the DJ booth. I thought that was amusing. Other DJs snort coke and speed to stay awake. I asked him if they took him to the Dunkin' Donuts there on Milwaukee (they did). I love it! The button-down mind.

The crowd was funny too. All these skinny Logan Square/Wicker Park minimal hipsters. Chicks with shag haircuts like Magda. Even some of the Chicago local DJs are trying to rock Sven/Richie haircuts now. It's hilarious. They want to be German soooo bad.

Dan's set was pretty good. It's what you'd expect from him. A mix of old-school house and minimal, his own classics, and a little German stuff. It was a lot more soulful than the clicky, straight-up minimal style that's hot now (boring). It reminded me of the Moodymann/Theo-type vibe, really. The tempo on the shit is just too low for me, though. I like energy when I go out. I don't even think I could play that slow all night.

The other room was cool, too. Old-school house and hip-hop. Needless to say, the minorities were on that side of the club. It was a Latin DJ. He dropped a Ludacris track and the hips and asses started moving.

"Move, bitch. Get out da way!"

Now, it's Monday so back to work.

-AO :: 1:06 PM ::


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