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The Double Door.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Had Thai food with Giaxia then went to the Double Door to see Emilie Autumn play. You know her if you read this blog, she's doing the trip-hop project with me. She's also got a real band. I hadn't been to a rock show in ages (I think BRMC in 2003 was the last one, or maybe Interpol). EA had us on the guest list.

I'd never been to the Double Door before. A lot of bands from back home have played there, like the Dirtbombs (me and Mick Collins used to get our comic books from the old Dave's in Royal Oak), the Paybacks (Wendy Case used to write about techno for the Detroit News), and the Detroit Cobras (I went to high school with the guitar player and I used to live with the drummer's sister). I'd always been kind of on the fringe of the Detroit rock scene as you can see. Unfortunately though, everytime a Detroit band plays the Double Door, I'm out of town.

Anyway, EA was great. She's got this whole stage show and wardrobe thing happening. Corsets and lace and ripped-up shit. It's Goth, yet happier, somehow. Her new band is a back-up singer and an Asian cellist (kinda reminded me of Stefani with her Asian back-up dancers), the rest is off a laptop. Really good stuff. I got a few ideas watching her.

A few of the people in the audience dressed as handmaidens and French maids in keeping with EA's fan base. Yeah, she's got fans. I was surprised, too. The boys liked her a lot as well.

The good news is after this show, we'll be back working on my stuff pretty soon. I'm excited about it. The demos she cut over my tracks are hot (I'm doing the music, she's doing lyrics and vocals).

I think I'll be hitting up the Double Door for more rock shows in the future when I'm in town. It's a great change of pace from DJs all the time. The energy level of rock hasn't changed; it's still high.

-AO :: 2:59 AM ::


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