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The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Back to Basics.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Track of the Day: "Danseparc (Everyday is Tomorrow)" Martha and the Muffins

Taking a break from this commission art piece. It's going faster than I expected. I should be done soon. My client will be pleased. Also got a track going that I'm gonna record tonight, a slow one. Also getting a new album together. Yes, you heard it here first. CD only. Just doing everything at once.

Oh, and alanoldham.com is coming along great. I've seen the designs. Plus I've been doing new illustrations for it. Online soon.

Nothing's really grabbing me, nothing going on. No excitement. It's wintertime, though, what do I expect. All I'm into is old stuff at the moment. Old movies, old music. Stuff I didn't get around to back in the day, or stuff I haven't seen/listened to in a long time.

For example, I was driving around with Steve Tang the other night and he had his iPod plugged in. It was all Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, solo Morrissey, Sonic Youth, Massive Attack, Slowdive.

And awhile back, Giaxia turned me on to Chapterhouse, this shoegaze band from the early '90s that completely got past me before. Now "Whirlpool" is one of my favorite albums.

I've gotten too old to be trendy, man. It's all about what moves me. What's good is good, period. Back to basics.

PS: I wish I had time to get a live band together, that would be the shit. Me fronting a band. A real band, no electronics. Can you imagine? Go on tour in Europe and get paid. Fuck, if Westbam can do it, so can I.

PPS: "Domino" comes out on DVD this month. I can't wait. The latest from Tony Scott. He's like the baddest commercial filmmaker out there right now. Visual style just killin'. "Man on Fire" was classic. He's like in his mid to late 60s and this is his best stuff ever.

-AO :: 11:45 PM ::


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