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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The Telaphones.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

There's a guy I know, Marco Repetto from Bern, Switzerland. He's an old friend who I try and visit at least once a year. He's got a beautiful villa right outside Bern. I put his music out in the USA on Generator way back in the day as Random Fluctuations, and years later he returned the favor by putting out my "Neutra" EP in Europe back in '03 on his label Inzec.

Anyway, his son's got a rock band now called The Telaphones. They really sound hot! I remember making Batman drawings with this kid in the middle of the floor, now he's a fucking rock star! They just got back from touring China last month.

Check out the band here.

-AO :: 1:58 PM ::


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