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Academy Awards.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Watched it last night. I thought it was really interesting, more so than last year. Jon Stewart was a nice, safe choice as host. I don't think he pissed anybody off like Chris Rock did last year.

I liked the graphics makeover they gave the show, the new modern typeface and branding.

The show usually drags on and on, but they really tightened it up. No corny musical numbers, just a couple of live performances. The speeches were nice and short, too. It was interesting how they played music even under people's speeches, hurrying them along.

As usual, half the nominated films I haven't seen yet, but they pretty much got the awards right. George Clooney (Best Supporting Actor winner for "Syriana") is officially the coolest white man in America. Even Three 6 Mafia (they won a goddamn Oscar!) had to give him a shoutout. "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp" should be Clooney's theme song.

I wanna see "Capote."

The Reese Witherspoon Best Actress win for "Walk the Line" was a shock. I really thought Felicity Huffman had it won for "Transamerica." Seemed like it was the year of the gay/transgendered, you know, with all the "Brokeback" hype.

Reese was America's honey, though, a blond Southern chick playing a country icon, it all makes sense. Just where the USA is at right now. The same reason Carrie Underwood won the last American Idol. Red state heaven. Yee hah.

Who says Hollywood is out of touch with America?

It was funny to watch her husband Ryan Phillippe's reaction shots during her speech. He was gritting his teeth. It seemed like she was gonna forget to thank him, a la Hilary Swank a few years ago, but she FINALLY mentioned him at the very, very end after thanking everybody else under the sun. She will probably be a bitch to live with, too. I don't envy poor Ryan.

At least Ryan was in "Crash," so he got a little dap this year, being in a hot flick.

It would have been cool if Terence Howard had actually won Best Actor for "Hustle & Flow" (I knew he wouldn't), but I liked his "Crash" performance better (he was actually an intelligent black man in that role as opposed to a pimp). Oh well, he was nominated at least, that will drive his price up. He's had a hell of a year. Good for him.

I can't think of a recent movie I've been less interested to see than "King Kong." I mean, whateverthefuckever. I can't believe it won for Best Sound Design over "War of the Worlds."

In fact, Spielberg got slaughtered. No awards for "War" or "Munich," not even technical ones.

Jessica Alba was hot, by the way. God, Jesus. I bet those women left the show and went straight to McDonald's. They looked like they starved themselves for a month to fit in those dresses.

"A History of Violence" was up for a Best Cinematography award. The film was based on a graphic novel. I know the guy who drew it. We used to draw for the same local comic book company back in Detroit, Caliber Comics, way back in the day. His name is Vince Locke. He got a shoutout during the awards.

Looking at the way techno turned out, maybe I should have kept on drawing comic books.

-AO :: 11:07 PM ::


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