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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Finally got to see "Domino" last night. I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately it was a huge letdown.

Visually, it was on point. Director Tony Scott is still the man, and it's interesting how he's still breaking down barriers and testing his audience's limits after so many years in the game. It was storywise that the movie fell short. The screenplay was written by the guy who did "Donnie Darko," which explains everything. Another weirdo flick I hated.

I thought it was supposed to be about this badass model-turned-bounty hunter chick, played improbably by the pale, waifish Keira Knightley, and her crew, led by Mickey Rourke. But it quickly devolved into this kind of reality show/talk show/media satire on acid type-thing that Oliver Stone did first and better in "Natural Born Killers" over a decade ago.

Mo'nique was in it playing a tacky, loud, ghetto black woman. Macy Gray was in it, too, playing basically the same character she did in "Training Day" (I don't think the NAACP will be giving either of them Image Awards for this one). Why? Why was Jerry Springer in it? Why were the Latino and Arabic characters speaking their native tongues to a bunch of gringo Americans (with subtitles) as if they understood?

I hated the Latin character by the way, and was waiting for him to get killed or something. He was doing that same shit with his hair that Antonio Banderas does, that flip, all through the movie. GET A HAIRCUT, FUCKER, OR LEAVE IT IN A PONYTAIL. YOU'RE ANNOYING WITH THAT SHIT. Why was Domino and the Latin guy having sex in the open desert just after a horrific car crash? Where was Rourke's character during all this? Tom Waits appears as a guardian angel. Or a good samaritan. Or both. How come? The whole reality show thing with the 90210 guys. What was the point?

Oh, and the Latin guy blew somebody's arm off with a shotgun. This was an actual plot point.

Domino Harvey was a real person as it turns out. She was a lesbian bounty hunter who died of a drug O.D. right before this movie came out. They show her at the end and dedicate the movie to her. She wasn't as hot as Keira.

If you're into drugs, or maybe if you have a home theater system/flat screen TV, "Domino" is something cool to have on in the background when your friends come over. Otherwise, "Man on Fire" was a far better Tony Scott movie.

Meanwhile I'm gonna watch the commentary and see if I can get any understanding from the man himself.

-AO :: 6:39 PM ::


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