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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Penelope 2.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Here's the second painting in the Penelope series. I still have to do something interesting with the background. I haven't figured it out yet.

I was on the train earlier today listening to A Certain Ratio ("Force") and reading Interview (latest issue with Gretchen Mol on the cover). I caught myself in a moment. I'm such a pretentious art/music/movie fucker, it's ridiculous =)

Giaxia brought over a new promo CD from this band called Bitcrush (coincidentally, the name of a VST plug-in). I haven't figured out who they sound like, but I like it so far. Really drugged-out and slow. They're not better than Airiel, though =)

This is just my week for new bands, I love it. Just when I thought there was no more good music out there.

You'll be interested to know I'm actually working on a track on Cubase as I write this. Gasp!

-AO :: 6:28 PM ::


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