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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Checked it out last night. It's written and directed by Kurt Wimmer, who did "Equilibrium" with Christian Bale (very underrated).

This time, Kurt's got more money to play with. The movie opens with comic book covers from fictional Ultraviolet comic books drawn by top creators. The covers themselves were sweet. I found it ironic that a movie that's NOT based on a comic at all would make like it is.

The piece itself is very derivative, and unashamedly so. Bits of "Blade II," "Minority Report," "The Matrix," "Aeon Flux" (animated version) and other sci-fi action pieces flash by at lightning speed. But dammit, the cinematography was animated and colorful, the fight scenes were the shit, and Milla was completely destroying as Violet.

I dug how Violet's hair and clothes would change in mid-fight, and loved her extra-dimensional arsenal of weapons. I also liked how Violet's world was all soft-focus, primary colors (they did the same thing in "Sky Captain," only in low-key sepia tones), and her world also had it's own alien-looking alphabet (see the original animated "Aeon Flux"). Strangely enough, there was one thing in the movie in the normal, English alphabet, I'll leave you to find it in the movie.

In a couple of fight scenes, Milla did some variations on Gunkata, the fictional kung-fu style that incorporates handguns that was the centerpiece of "Equilibrium." Gunkata looks sexier when a chick is doing it.

As you would expect, high on concept, but story fell short. Nowhere did they explain just how Violet got so deadly, and her motivations were a little unclear. Can't say too much more without giving away details.

The internal logic of "Ultraviolet" is just enough to carry the flick, though. The story wasn't completely horrible like "Domino" was (another sexy-female-led action movie with adventurous visuals and weak story; do they think tits and ass will carry these flicks?).

While great on the big screen, "Ultraviolet" will rock on DVD, where you can fast forward past the boring parts. Can't wait for the commentary.

I've been writing/laying out new comics lately, so I'm really into visuals and story at the moment, guess you can tell.

-AO :: 11:08 PM ::


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