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Friday, May 26, 2006

Well, off to Detroit tomorrow morning. I'm excited about playing out to be honest, even though I don't expect the party to be that packed for the simple fact that Hawtin's thing is the same night. This gig I'm playing is only $5 in advance as opposed to $20 for Hawtin so maybe that'll bring in some budget-conscious heads. If not, it's not like I haven't played for thin crowds in Detroit before.

I just wanna have fun, full-on rock some shit, see some old friends and get paid. Is that too much to ask????? =)

Meanwhile my friend Renee sent me this yesterday. I can definitely relate to it as you can imagine! Ironic how this came out right before the DEMF. Even a big name like Jack isn't immune to local haterism.

Detroit native Jack White has since relocated his family to Nashville.

NEW YORK (AP)-- Jack White has become one of the most famous faces on Detroit's music map, but the rocker said he had to quit his hometown because it turned against him.
White, who now lives in Nashville, with his wife, model Karen Elson, and their baby daughter, Scarlett, told The Associated Press in a recent interview that he needed to leave Detroit because "I couldn't take the negativity anymore."

"It was so super-negative," said White, 30, leader of White Stripes and a member of the rock quartet The Raconteurs. "It was draining me, I had to get somewhere where I could breathe again."

White told the AP that although he tried to help boost the city's rock scene -- working with unknown bands and acting as its musical ambassador -- some in the community didn't appreciate it.

"I was just trying to fight a losing battle, trying to keep a community of musicians together and keep it positive at the same time," he said. "I did that part of trying to be non-egotistical, I tried to not make it about myself."

White said the White Stripes aren't the only band to get ill treatment from their native city. He also griped about a recent article in a New York publication that lambasted the homegrown band The Strokes.

"When that happens, you can't stay in your hometown," he said. "Because they'll just turn on you."

The Raconteurs, which just released their first album, Broken Boy Soldiers, will tour this summer.

Preach it, Jack!

-AO :: 9:47 AM ::


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