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The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

The Birthday Thing.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's been a slow May, not much happening. The only excitement was when I ran into that Pierce Brosnan movie being filmed downtown and I got to meet Maria Bello at Starbucks.

Just working on this new painting and about to launch into some new work for
the Glasgow boys at Seventh Sign.

My birthday is this weekend and I'm planning on having a little BBQ at the house if weather permits. Just a few close friends including Miles who we just signed to our label. A little celebratory thing for him. Plus I've been deep underground all winter, not really talking to anybody, and this is my big resurfacing.

Sammy Dee from Perlon is playing on my birthday, right near my place in Chicago. I just ran into him a few months ago at the airport in Paris. I thought about showing my face, but I'll just wait to see him somewhere else, like Berlin.

Speaking of Berlin, flight prices are out of control. Fuel costs, the summer season, the World Cup. They might not see me again 'till fall when prices come down. I remember when you could go to Berlin like catching the bus. Just hop on a flight and be there.

There's a special to London, though, via BA. Less than $500. If I had business there, like an art opening or a gig, I'd book a flight. The last time I was there to play was late '03. I was never big in London like other Detroit DJs, though. Berlin was always my second home, even before it became all fashionable.

Going back to Detroit next weekend to play. I'm actually excited about it. I thought briefly about playing an all-minimal set, but decided to just do what I do and rock some shit, whether there's a crowd or not. I'd imagine that's what the promoter is paying me for.

So Los Hermanos is playing Mutek and not the DEMF? That shit says a lot right there.

PS: Forgot to tell you I saw MI:III a couple weeks ago. It was the shit. Better than the first two. Great story, great casting, lots of twists, lots of action. Forget the haters, Tom Cruise is still the man, one of the few Americans you can still count on to deliver.

-AO :: 6:51 PM ::


  • Fuck that minimal nonsense - Bring the muscle! It'll be good to have you back for a weekend.

    By Blogger Brian_48026, on Saturday, May 20, 2006 7:48:00 AM  
  • If that's not a vote of confidence, I don't know what is! I'll bring the muscle, just make sure you're there!

    By Blogger -AO, on Saturday, May 20, 2006 1:25:00 PM  
  • God, no kidding about flight prices. I was thinking about bouncing back to the states for a week or two to sell some shit and pick up a new laptop, but the WM shit drove the prices through the roof. I guess I'm stuck here until winter. Oh, and speaking of which, I'm sorry I didn't catch you when you were living in Germany... I caught the "Berliner Syndrome".... you get used to so many clubs and DJ's that you just end up never going out. :) Anyways, when you get back here, I'll make it a point to go out of my way to cross paths with you.

    Have a good birthday, and enjoy the spring weather, man!

    By Blogger sqook, on Friday, May 26, 2006 5:37:00 AM  
  • Thanks, I will. It's beautiful here today. It's a shame how your freedom of movement is restricted today, really. Between fuel prices and fears of "terrorism," you can't do shit. I used to just book a flight, blow some miles, be in Berlin in 10-12 hours and rock a show that night. Now it's a big thing, I hate it. Last I checked it was almost $1100 to come over and that's thru Expedia. To book direct with the airline is almost twice that.

    By Blogger -AO, on Friday, May 26, 2006 2:26:00 PM  

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