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Hot in Herre.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Man, the heat! Summer began early! It's usually rainy during Memorial Day weekend, but not this year. I'm kinda glad I'm not in Europe right now, they don't believe in air conditioning over there. I'd be dying.

The trip to Detroit was enjoyable enough. Drove in and loved it. It's great to get out into the country. As for the gig itself, there was a nice turnout which was great to see, but there were technical difficulties so my set came out a bit sub-par in my opinion. Thank God the promoter wasn't recording! My apologies to the people that came out to hear me play.

On the upside I met some really nice supporters like Brian_48026, who leaves comments on here from time to time. Glad to match a face with the name. Also Julia and Erin from Toronto were there too, nice to see them. Erin leaves me messages on Myspace. She's so positive it's easy to gravitate to her. Very nice to meet such cool people, they're in very short supply these days.

I kinda wanted to check out the Minus party after my set to see Troy Pierce (the only cat in that camp who really excites me) play, but didn't feel like going through the whole getting on the guest-list thing.

Spent the whole rest of the weekend shopping (things are so much CHEAPER in Detroit), eating at my beloved UNION STREET, and catching up with a couple of my best friends who still live in the D. They aren't famous or in the music business or anything, maybe that's why they're still my best friends.

My beloved Royal Oak looks like a fucking ghost town now. S. Campbell is horrendous. Empty storefronts. No people. The cool, indie businesses from the early '90s like Dave's, Repeat the Beat, Off the Record, Padded Cell Gallery, Java, all driven out. Too many condos and bigfoot houses choking out the scenery. It's all very sad. The small town feel of RO is what made me want to live there. I don't know what they're trying to accomplish.

Birmingham hasn't changed, though. I still love that place even though the Palladium has increased the riff-raff factor. If I were to go back home for good, that's where I'd live.

Saw "X3," too. Again, cheaper than in the Chi. Really, really good. A few very minor shortcomings, storywise, but right up there with the first two in my opinion. Also saw the Ghost Rider teaser. It's not coming out 'till November but they're pushing it now. Looks interesting, we'll see.

Had absolutely no interest in going down to Hart Plaza, so there you go.

-AO :: 12:24 PM ::


  • Glad you had some good times back in the D, man. Cool calls to cool, so I'm not surprised you have some great supporters. :^)

    I know what you mean about Royal Oak; when the new merchants tried to bounce out Noir Leather, I knew it was headed for zombie-ville. I see the same thing here in Dearborn as they push out the small businesses and welcome in condos and franchises.

    X3 was a great action flick. I'm still turning over some of it (don't worry, no spoilers here folks), but I think that the overall ideas were good. Hmmm. . .I think rather than dropping a review of the movie in your blog, I'll just pop it in mine. Take a look later if you're interested.

    I didn't see the Ghost Rider preview, though I heard it was coming out. What did you think? We got the trailer for "Omen," which I thought was a bit rough even for an older kids movie like X3.

    Sorry I didn't make your show this time, but I'm sure we'll catch up one of these decades. . . :^D

    By Blogger Kelly Logan, on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 11:46:00 AM  
  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger -AO, on Thursday, June 01, 2006 12:26:00 PM  
  • It's like they pick the few livable places in the Detroit area and choke them out with chains and condos. Unlike a lot of people I'm not against big companies per se, but when they change the face of the community, it's sad. I noticed Paperbacks Unlimited on Woodward is gone now, too, probably due to the Barnes and Noble in Royal Oak.

    As for Ghost Rider, it looked cool enough, despite my not being the biggest Nic Cage fan. Better Ghost Rider than Superman, which he was actually up for in the '90s. It'll be another "Blade" where they take a 4th-string Marvel character and blow him up.

    By Blogger -AO, on Thursday, June 01, 2006 12:28:00 PM  
  • Alan,
    It was great to talk to you for a bit on saturday after you played. Always nice to meet a superstar live and in person! :)

    Most of the tunes you dropped were great and just what we wanted. Sorry to hear that the equipment was running bunk though, that kinda sucks. It was good to see that the people that were there were excited to be there but I don't think it would have hurt any of our feelings if there would have been a few more peeps there, but it was all good.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay here in the D while you were back.

    By Blogger Brian_48026, on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 7:07:00 AM  

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