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Myspace Is The New Crack.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dude, I've been missing out not being on Myspace. It's nutty. Got home today and Oliver Bondzio was waiting to be approved. Oliver Bondzio! From Hardfloor. Known him for ten years, and haven't seen him since '01. Super-cool guy from the old 303 days.

Anyway, haven't been doing much work, 'cause I've been on Myspace, ha ha. Seriously, though, I'm waiting on my graphic designer to come back with the art for my new CD, so that's the hold up.

Also working on the new comic, waiting for funding, you know how it goes. This is gonna be the biggest thing I ever did comic-wise, trust me.

And doing the new painting for Lindsay a.k.a. Lush, my new patron. She's from England too, my little art market. It's gonna be sexy when it's finished. That's my new thing, doing stylized, super-hero Pop Art portraits of women who are sexy to begin with. With Lindsay, she's got this incredible ass, so of course, her Pop self will have even more of an ass, 'cause it doesn't have to conform to gravity or physics.

The whole idea is to take what's most attractive about a woman and exaggerate it, make it pop.

And the b-day's coming up and we're having a BBQ at the crib. Looking forward to that. Just a few friends. And going back to Detroit the week after. I've decided that I'm gonna have fun whether anyone shows up or not (which is always a crapshoot with so many parties that weekend). I'm really glad to be booked and going home for a couple of days. Tim, the promoter, is super-cool and professional as well. Looks like it'll be a fun time.

Anyway, pics and videos are up at my Myspace page and I'm working on putting a whole DJ set up there too.

Click the link in the "Ladies and Gentlemen" entry.

-AO :: 7:07 PM ::


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