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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Looks like things are heating up this summer after a dead 1st quarter. All my planned projects are in their design phases right now, almost as tough a process as making the content in the first place.

I found a new designer for the CD. He's working on something to show me as we speak. It's tough because this time I didn't have a set look in mind, but I know what I like when I see it. Soon as the art is in, it's going straight to the plant.

The long-awaited revamp of alanoldham.com is almost here. Saw the new site pages and they're hot (Paris Hilton voice).

Update on puresonikrecords.net is forthcoming as well.

My new comic is in post-production soon as the site is online, Giaxia's doing both (yeah she's finally back on the job and she told me to quit talking shit about her on this blog). Hope to have it out for my September art show in L.A. (can't wait for that, I love L.A. and am excited to be showing there!!!!)

Speaking of art, I'm showing back in Chicago in October. Not that anybody local would show up besides my friends (a nice excuse to hang out and drink free champagne), I'm just putting it out there just in case.

(Trying to be popular in the city you live in is a lost cause. Just watch the Green Day episode of VH1's "Driven" or the Christina Aguilera "E! True Hollywood Story" if you don't believe me.)

Lush's painting is done (above), she loves it and I love her for loving it. Believe it or not, her ass is really like that =) A few final hits of paint and it's off to England. I love finishing a project, especially for a satisfied client. I gotta find a box for it though!

OK, it's still early here, I'm getting out into this day. To find a box.

-AO :: 2:39 PM ::


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