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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm stuck in the house with a summer cold. I was doing good, too. I haven't been sick since October, '05, almost a year. And my nose is all irritated from blowing too much and I look like I seriously put a blowtorch to it. I look like the Elephant Man for real. So I'm laying low.

Other than that, it's unbelievable how well the summer has treated me. Chicago has been a lot of fun. I'm really feeling at home here now after almost three years (!). And my first West Coast gallery show is in L.A. in less than a month. I'm really excited about that.

Also going back to Berlin for awhile this fall for some gigs. I truly love it there.

After a long, painful, frustrating process where I went thru several designers, T. Linder has finally come through with the CD cover design for my new album. It killed me when I first saw it. I love it. I'm previewing it for you here.

Since I'm stuck in the house I watched "Ultraviolet" again. I really like that movie! The commentary was bunk, though. It wasn't the director, it was Milla herself. She sounded so dizzy. Like, Oh My God, Becky. I couldn't take it.

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-AO :: 9:06 PM ::


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