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The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.


Monday, August 21, 2006

What a nice weekend. Just chilled. Did some art on Saturday. Went for my run yesterday and ended up in Wicker Park. Watched the planes go by, the Blue Angels. I started thinking about the War in Iraq and those bad-ass fighter planes. They've got to use them against somebody, some enemy, or else it's just air shows. Millions of dollars to fly in circles.

I think the Marines should go into space, like "Aliens." But then again, there's nobody to fight out there.


Leaving the park, who do I almost literally run into but Jeff Mills and his wife. I hadn't seen him in almost a year. He's back briefly. Always in and out. I seem like such a slacker compared to him, but everybody can't be Mills. I congratulated him on the Axis driving accessories, I think that's a brilliant idea, so off the wall. I think I may be the only one, though.

Spent all last night working on a new track, another trip-hop one. I really like doing that kind of music. Slow, sexy and funky. And you get to use voices that you can't normally use on techno tracks. You get to be warm, rounded and organic. Techno is so flat and compressed. Only so much you can do there. I like shit round and sexy.

My big thing is the music they use in the "C.S.I." (original and Miami, I don't watch NY) autopsy scenes. Just really cool mood music. I've heard Massive Attack, Zero 7, Sneaker Pimps, and Maurizio tracks (yes, they used "M5"!) on there. I also used to like the background music on "X-Files."

Giaxia says the music I like is "depressing." But I call it cinematic, stylish and moody =)

The new CD goes to the plant this week. I can't wait! Thanks for all the feedback on Myspace about the cover art. T. Linder did a fantastic job. I'm motivated to make more new stuff now just so he can package it. Oh, and thanks to Steve Tang for pre-mastering it. His post-production rig is incredible.

So today, I'm out to run a few errands. Gotta ship these paintings to L.A. ahead of me. It's gorgeous out there. Not too many of these days left.

I am really happy right now, I must say. I haven't felt like this in forever.

-AO :: 1:28 PM ::


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