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From The Digital Sweatshop
The Music, Art and Travels of Alan D. Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, I am finally back in Chicago. Sitting here in my bathrobe (what an image, I know) with some hot tea and Slowdive "Souvlaki" playing in the background. What a few days it's been. Remember when I said I was bored???? Well, like Guru once said, watch what you say.

Let's start with me missing my flight back to Chicago from Berlin on Monday. I copied down the info wrong and it turned out I was a no-show for my flight. I've never missed a flight before in my life. I had to pay $200 to change the ticket and it meant I had to spend one more night in Berlin that I didn't plan on. Plus I was coming down with a cold. I had been doing so well, too.

I took the train back to Kreuzberg with all my shit. Actually, a bus, and two trains. And a lot of stairs. I went and spent the night at Markthalle and went back to the airport at 3 am (my flight was at 6). I only took a catnap for fear of oversleeping and missing my flight again.

Finally got on the plane, and feeling progressively shittier. I was able to sleep though. I hope I didn't snore. Nobody looked at me funny when I woke up, so maybe not.

A quick layover in Amsterdam, and eight hours later I was back in Chicago. I felt like shit. But I had to get up the next day (Wednesday) and go to New York.

Giaxia was taking care of the apartment. We had a quick Thanksgiving dinner together 'cause she was leaving for L.A. the next day to hang out with her cousin and see Jeff and Richie's show.

So the next day, I got my shit together and went to the airport. The show must go on. This is yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving, busy holiday travel day. The news was all set up at the airport, lights and cameras. It was cool 'cause I could travel light, like the old days. An hour's worth of records and a carry-on.

But it's fucked up too, because you now have to check in your bag because of all those deadly LIQUIDS that you carry. Now you have to wait for checked luggage because of your dangerous LIQUIDS.

My flight to NYC was delayed like three hours. I could have left the house much later.

Finally made it to NYC. The party I played was in Brooklyn. It was a club called Evolution. Turns out I played there before, years ago, like 2000 or so. That time, the party was a total flop, the guy went broke. It was ugly. One of the last times I played a New York party.

This time, there were like 200 people there. It was a rave. I was the headliner. It was billed as "The return of T-1000, first NYC appearance in five years." The crowd was fun. Yes, there were candy ravers there. It was great. Venom played before me. I hadn't seen him in years. Old guys still doin' it. He made me smile. He was playing hardcore.

I came on and it was great. Literally took off my coat and started playing. I played fast and hard, real techno. No minimal, I loved that. Really tight hour-long set. I didn't plan it out. No fuckups. I wish it was recorded.

The crowd was really into it. So many of them were kids who weren't around when I used to play NYC all the time back in the '90s, so it's important to get with this new audience. Others were old heads. These guys were right upfront my whole set going crazy. This one guy said he used to follow me all up and down the East Coast back in the day.

Overall, it looks like my East Coast comeback was a success. A nice homecoming from Europe, I must say.

This morning I treated myself to the hotel breakfast buffet. They had grits, I was like damn. Never saw grits at a hotel buffet before! It was like black and Jewish breakfast: grits and lachs.

So after a pretty uneventful flight home, I am finally relaxing now from my exhausting superstar jetset weekend. Nothing on the agenda but chicken soup and "Minority Report" and SLEEP.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-AO :: 7:45 PM ::


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